Photos de Femmes is the creation of award-winning nudes photographer Renée Jacobs and her wife, model, muse and the brains of the operation, Wendy Hicks.


We formed the Photos de Femmes (PDF) organization in October 2018 with the aim of redirecting the dialogue around images of women so that women themselves could have more agency and authenticity in photography. We believe this is a wonderful moment for women in photography because our role in photography is changing. Invisibility is no longer an option. It’s time to re-examine the conventional wisdom not just about how women function in the world of photography as curators, photographers, festival organizers, writers, critics, etc but as subjects in photographs.

In this era of "Me Too" and art institutions, photo festivals and the like being called to account for a lack of representation of women, PDF aims to change the dialogue.

 Our initial exhibit, womenSEEwomen, was featured at Portugal's national museum of photography, the Centro Português de Fotografia, as part of the Porto Photo Festival in October 2018 and after Miami will move to other international destinations. Our presentations are meant to blend with whatever venue we work with and can range from a typical exhibit of framed photographs on gallery walls to presentations and outside installations. 

 We aim to present the best contemporary images of women in every genre of photography by every gender of photographer. 

 You can see some of the media here: Click here for media/press about PDF

Wendy Hicks and Renée Jacobs

Wendy Hicks and Renée Jacobs